As a family evolves, so do the needs to their home. The children grow up and need less space to run around, and the table needs more space to sit around!

The Jones family decided to install a roughly 700sq/ft patio of Pacific Slate Finish pavers from Abbotsford Concrete Products in the double standard/half standard pattern with a border of Classic Standard.

With several tons of water-absorbent soil removed, it is important to create drainage basins, to avoid any flooding in the increasingly erratic seasons experience in southwest BC.

As the Lower Mainland grapples with the increasing intensity of climate change, whether you’re running from the chafer beetles or scorching summers, people are looking for alternatives to grass.

For those pesky corners of the yard that are looking shabby, river rock is becoming a popular alternative! Make sure to leave a thick base between the surface and the landscape paper, and leave the edges set in to keep rocks from rolling out of their bed.


A garden full of potential: rich soil, successful banana trees and great exposure, this client chose Allen blocks to pull these beds together with a retaining wall for a powerful, clean look! One side is lower to allow some clearance for the RV – a key point in the design stages.


Not all landscapers are alike. Some will choose convenience over fine tuning, some will choose time management over quality. Using this pre-existing gravel “sitting area,” we were able to turn this dark, messy corner of this yard into a main feature. The silver mica is excellent at highlighting shady areas and providing a smooth, flat surface that is easy to clean!


We all love a good stone walkway, but without a strong base they are easily lost amongst grass and weeds. At this house we were able to use exclusively rocks that were already on the property to create this rustic, colourful look. Packed tightly together and filled with sand, any weeds that appear here will be easy to pull out, keeping this patio healthy and clean.


Sometimes less is more! Some areas are just too weedy for gravel and too under-used to bring enough foot traffic down. Here we turned this long, winding gravel path into a bright, attention-grabbing centerpiece. While not usually a fan of monoculture, Western Turf Farms offers great quality sod at surprisingly affordable prices! Don’t forget that fire bans are on throughout most of the summer- this fire pit is just ornamental for the season!