Founded by Ian Soutar, Green Designs Landscaping is an idea that was a result of green values meeting passion for landscaping. In a world where bee species are in decline, water sources and air quality are a growing concern and environmental regulations aren’t always strictly enforced, it was Ian’s dream to create a company that reflects how a green business ought to work, rather than just meeting minimal safety and environmental standards.

All of the tools used at Green Designs are manual or electric, and while we are still running on a combustion-powered pickup, our mission is to work towards carbon neutrality by investing in carbon offsets and fully electric vehicles.

While the typical landscape work is simply maintenance of the pre-existing gardens, it is still possible to help promote healthy landscape practices, as well as things like water conservation and long-term vision planning. Low- to zero-maintenance gardening is also beneficial, especially when using native plants, as they are typically drought-resitant, require little watering once established and help maintain natural biodiversity.

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